Datasheet | July 16, 2013

TSS sc Suspended Solids Family Of Sensors Datasheet

Source: Hach Company

With twelve instrument versions and thirty different mounting styles, the Hach TSS sc probes can measure on-line Suspended Solids in virtually all applications under the strictest regulatory conditions.

TSS sc and TSS W sc probes are made of polished stainless steel with a scratch resistant and easy to clean sapphire window design to withstand harsh environments and keep particles from sticking to the surface. For high solids environments, the Hach TSS W sc is equipped with a wiper to maintain accuracy.

TSS HT sc optics and electrical systems are coated with a special material to withstand operating temperatures of 90°C and pressures of up to 10 Bar. The ability to withstand these conditions without the hassle of flow-through cells or cooling lines makes it the probe of choice for process control.

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