Datasheet | January 30, 2012

The Summit Series Brochure

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Summit Series ozone systems have been designed for medium sized municipal, commercial, and industrial applications requiring ozone to be delivered without deviation to set point or stoppage. The Summit system features 20 lbs. of ozone per day QuadBlock® modularity with up to ten QuadBlocks installed per Rack. Summit systems include spare QuadBlock(s) redundancy without the requirement of a separate ozone system. The systems are available in 20 ppd configurations from 140 to 200 ppd @ 5% weight or 70 to 100 ppd @ 10% weight.

The Summit system features software that automatically adjusts the output of individual QuadBlocks to maintain system set point. If one QuadBlock®: is found in a fault condition, the system will maintain ozone output while alerting service personnel of the fault condition. The Summit Rack can be isolated in fault condition.

Pinnacle Ozone has designed the most efficient and advanced integrated ozone system on the market today. Coupling Plasma QuadBlock® technology, silent 24,000 Hz operation, PLC control and an EZ touchscreen interface provides trouble free, reliable operation.

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