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08.07.14 -- The Next Big Market For UV; Achieving Renewable Energy Goals

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Industrial Wastewater Featured Articles
The Next Big Market For UV
By Engineered Treatment Systems / ETS-UV
The use of UV technology within process industries has grown tremendously in recent years. Water, fruit juice, syrup, and brines are increasingly seen as the largest volume ingredient in many food products, and the need to protect human health, while reducing the level of chemical preservatives and extending shelf life, leads to the incorporation of UV systems within the food manufacturing process.
Achieving Renewable Energy Goals
By Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique
As a result of investments and projects since its establishment, Cargill Turkey’s Orhangazi factory has decreased its total electricity usage by approximately 6,000 MWh and its natural gas usage by approximately 1.7 million sm³.
Treating Recycled Wastewater For Golf Course Irrigation
By MIOX Corporation
When the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico built their reclaimed water treatment facility in the late 1990s it was designed to treat the effluent from several sites through coagulation, a biological treatment process and residual disinfection provided by an on-site generator.  The water coming from the Pueblo community, the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa, the Santa Ana Star Casino, two upscale golf courses, and many other small business enterprises, is now treated and recycled for irrigation of the Twin Warriors Golf Club.
Solving High BOD
By ClearBlu Environmental
Real Ale Brewing Company (RABC) in Blanco, TX, started as a small brewery working out of a commercial retail space. As RABC continued to be successful and grow, a mandate from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stated that the city must require the brewery to treat their wastewater in order to prevent it from overwhelming the city’s treatment system.
Produced Water Treatment System Achieves Reuse Rates Over 98 Percent
By Veolia Water Technologies
Water treatment and steam generation are critical to in situ oil production. An oil sands producer in Northern Alberta, developing a new central process facility, required that the water treatment system use water efficiently to meet operational and sustainability objectives. The system supplied would need to maximize reuse of the treated produced water and minimize waste generated while providing quality water to the boilers for steaming.
Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation Using TOC Analysis
By OI Analytical
Laboratory scale “cleanability” studies are an important component of pharmaceutical company programs to validate cleaning processes. Test coupons, constructed of the same materials used in process equipment, are commonly employed in laboratory recovery studies of pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, and excipients to provide baseline information for cleaning validation databases and calculations.
Oxygen Removal From Feedwater In A Central District Heating System
By Membrana
In central district heating systems, heated water from power plants is distributed to densely populated areas via insulated piping networks. High water quality is required to maintain the integrity of pipes, storage tanks, and other infrastructure in such systems.
Mercury Removal From Flue Gas Streams
By Calgon Carbon Corporation
Ten million dollars in R&D and more than 50 full-scale plant trials have resulted in the technical insights and proven products needed for superior mercury capture performance.
Capacitance Level Switches Provide Reliable Water/Oil Interface Detection
By William Sholette, Level Products Business Manager, Endress+Hauser
There are a number of point level approaches to measuring the interface between water and oil for water dump control in the oil and gas industry. However, each has disadvantages — manual methods introduce human error, conductivity switches are rendered inaccurate by buildup, and float switches are susceptible to wear and tear.
Creating Optimal Energy And Cost-Efficient Membrane Diffusers
By Mainsail Global
Mainsail's diffuser membrane technologists work to develop and optimize the physical and functional characteristics of membrane product components. Through this,they are capable of creating optimal energy and cost-efficient membrane and holder technology for any industry.
Industrial Wastewater News
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Water Online Radio
Low-Cost Desalination — The Promise Of Forward Osmosis
Utilizing low-pressure, low-energy membrane technology, Oasys Water is setting out to change the way people think about desalination. Lisa Marchewka, VP of strategy and marketing for Oasys, explains how forward osmosis is more energy- and cost-efficient than competing technologies.