Datasheet | September 25, 2008

Datasheet: TETRA® DeepBed™ Filter

Source: De Nora Technologies
Severn Trent Services offers the TETRA DeepBed tertiary filtration system, an economical solution for the removal of total suspended solids (TSS). DeepBed filters also provide superior total phosphorus (TP) removal to meet stringent limits below 0.2 mg/l as shown in Table 1. A DeepBed filter may be defined as a granular filter for removal of TSS from secondary treatment effluent using a media depth of at least four feet at a filtration rate of more than 2 gpm/ft2. Coarse media is normally used to encourage deep penetration of solids into the media bed. This allows for longer filtration runtimes. Simultaneous air and water backwashes are used to ensure cleaning of the filters as required.

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