SDOX® Dissolved Oxygen Solutions

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Our patented dissolved oxygen “bubble-free” delivery technology, or Supersaturated Dissolved Oxygen (SDOX®) system, can accelerate what Mother Nature can’t do herself all in one cost-effective, portable system.

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SDOX® uses a patented and patents pending technology for delivering dissolved oxygen (DO) to a body of water. The benefits of the SDOX® over current technologies include lower operating costs, far greater flexibility over where and when dissolved oxygen is delivered to any point in the water body and precise control of oxygen concentration in the water being treated. The SDOX® is an ideal solution for delivering dissolved oxygen to rivers and streams to remediate impacts from point and non-point pollution, for providing refuge for critical species and for enhancing ecological services.

The benefits of the SDOX® over current oxygenation/aeration technology include:

  • Rapid delivery of dissolved oxygen in solution, providing immediate increases in bio-available oxygen
  • Portability options – the system can be trailer mounted and operated with portable generators and liquid oxygen to provide treatment at remote locations
  • Higher efficiency DO delivery resulting in lower operating costs
  • Increased flexibility over where DO is delivered so critical locations can be treated
  • No bubbling or degassing – the DO delivered to the water remains bio-available
  • The SDOX® can be used as emergency response at spill sites to provide excess oxygen and prevent fish kills
  • The SDOX® can be used for long-term treatment to provide excess oxygen for natural removal of organic pollutants
  • The source of oxygen for the SDOX® can be liquid oxygen, oxygen generators or gas cylinders
  • The SDOX® is available in several sizes, providing delivery rates up to 8 tons of DO per day per unit
  • Variable speed pump drives with high efficiency motors are used so delivery rates can be easily varied from 40% to 100% full capacity without compromising efficiency.

The Proof Is In The Process.

The secret to the effectiveness of the SDOX® System is in the process used to deliver oxygen to the body of water to be treated.

First, oxygen is injected into the pressurized saturation chamber. Then, water is drawn from the exact location that requires treatment and is sprayed through an area of pressurized oxygen. This process instantly supersaturates the water with dissolved oxygen to form a mixture of up to three hundred and fifty milligrams of oxygen per liter of water. The resulting oxygen supersaturated water is quickly pumped back to the desired treatment location creating a continuous flow of treated water for superior efficiency and effectiveness. The side-stream can also be delivered by a variety of injection options including plume, flash mixing and directed injection for site specific needs to either minimize or maximize mixing.

Since the SDOX® pre-dissolves oxygen in the treated water, no bubbles are formed – allowing the oxygen injected to remain at the desired depth with no bubbles rising through the water column. This innovative process results in near 100% efficient utilization of oxygen. In other words, the oxygen gas entering the SDOX® is delivered in dissolved form to the water body with virtually no oxygen lost to the atmosphere.

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