News | July 23, 2014

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Takes Shares In EVATHERM To Offer Innovative Recycling And Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions To The Industrial Market

Source: SUEZ
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SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, through its subsidiary Degremont, announces it has taken shares in Evatherm, a Swiss engineering company specialised in evaporation and crystallization technologies.

The two companies will develop together innovative solutions for water savings and zero liquid discharge ("ZLD"), by combining Evatherm’s extensive and unique expertise in evaporation and crystallization with SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s capabilities in water and wastewater treatment. The goal is to deliver high value-added solutions to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power and Mining industries.

Reducing water consumption, recovering value from wastewater and managing environmental impacts are growing issues for industry, to counter balance the scarcity of resources while protecting the environment. The need for state-of-the art technologies ensuring recycling and by-product recovery is ever more critical.

With more than 30 years of experience, Evatherm is a worldwide expert and leading supplier of evaporation and crystallization engineering services and equipment for producing high quality salts for the chemical and other industries. Evaporation and crystallization is a process of solid crystal formation through the slow precipitation of a solution. The Evaporation and Crystallization technologies are also key for environmental applications to removing salt from effluents and result in solutions which achieve water recycling rates well above 90%. Crystallization is a highly delicate process that requires long-term experience and expertise to ensure reliability, energy efficiency and economic performance.

This investment in Evatherm illustrates SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s strategy to grow on the industrial market and its commitment to providing a best-in-class portfolio of solutions to industrial customers all around the world.

About Degremont
A subsidiary of the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT group, Degremont has been the world water treatment specialist for more than 70 years. Operating in more than 70 countries with over 5,000 employees, Degremont generated revenues of €1,110M in 2013.

Natural resources are not infinite. Each day, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiaries deal with the challenge of protecting resources by providing innovative solutions to industry and to millions of people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT supplies drinking water to 92 million people, provides wastewater treatment services for 65 million people and collects the waste produced by 52 million people. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has 79,550 employees and, with its presence on five ENVIRONNEMENT generated total revenues of EUR 14.6 billion in 2013. For more information, visit

EVATHERM was founded in the early eighties by specialists highly experienced in thermodynamics and process engineering. The company founders had previously worked for more than 20 years in the evaporation department of the former ESCHER WYSS. Over 10 years EVATHERM had been a subsidiary of the former HPD group (USA). This close cooperation resulted in an exciting merge of the different crystallization experiences. As a result of its comprehensive technological know-how, EVATHERM is now established in the international market with a top ranking among the leading suppliers of evaporation and crystallization plants. EVATHERM's engineers are continuously improving the company's expertise by innovative research and development of new technologies.