White Paper | November 10, 2011

Stormwater Management Solution White Paper

Source: Schneider Electric

Urban areas are extremely sensitive to weather-driven events, due to the specific characteristics of urban soil, land uses and the high population-density. The increasing intensity and frequency of rainfall patterns, with more virulent storms reported each year, is leading to dramatic consequences for both urban centers and the natural environment.

Flooding preparedness and stormwater management are critical elements of any community's crisis response plan. Municipalities and cities are seeking ways to manage stormwater more effectively, trying to minimize operational costs and improve safety and public awareness.

Combined sewer overflows (CSOs), in particular, have become a major concern for cities because of their associated environmental impact and severe health risks. CSOs, recognized as one of the main causes for water quality impairment in receiving waters, are costing municipalities all over the world millions in fines and reduction measures. Municipal separate storm sewer systems also are considered pollution point-source with release subject to regulation and control in many countries.

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