Brochure | August 22, 2011

Brochure: SORB 09™ Fluoride Removal System

Source: De Nora Technologies

Severn Trent Services has designed the SORB 09™ fluoride removal system to treat fluoride contamination in ground water supplies.

The SORB 09 system treats a wide range of water qualities at capacities ranging from 50 to 3,000 gpm. The SORB 09 system features a small footprint and enhanced operation as compared to conventional activated alumina adsorption systems.

The SORB 09 system is an automated fixed bed adsorption process that removes fluoride onto a solid activate alumina surface. SORB 09 is a regenerative process using a weak caustic soda solution to remove fluoride from the solid activated alumina, extending the treatment life of the material.

The SORB 09 process reduces the amount of regenerant by 25 - 40% per cubic foot of activated alumina in process via our unique algorithm flow pacing software.

SORB 09™ Benefits

  • Excellent water quality
  • High chemical efficiency
  • Short regeneration time
  • Simple design, construction and control – easy to control and automate
  • Self cleaning
  • Insensitivity to product flow variations and stops
  • Ideal for upgrades or expansion

SORB 09™ Process Description
Some of the contaminated well water flow is fed downward through two or more adsorption vessels operating in parallel. Some water bypasses treatment and is blended to meet an effluent water quality well less than the secondary MCL of 2 mg/L. The volume of water treated in each adsorber is totalized. When the volume approaches the fluoride breakthrough point, the adsorber is taken off line and regenerated with caustic to remove adsorbed fluoride from the activated alumina and into a spent brine solution. Regenerated activated alumina is then rinsed of caustic, conditioned with weak acid and returned to the adsorption vessels for service in another cycle.

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