Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack System

Source: SUEZ


Smartrack™ is the only universal rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different connections.

Smartrack™ Technology

Smartrack™ is a rack capable of accomodating ultrafiltration membrane modules of different brands, presenting varied dimensions as well as different connections.

The rack can accommodate the 4 principal module supplier brands found on the market and inter-piping to allow switching the filtrate/concentrate exits.

Smartrack™ is adaptable to any plant size as it is able to handle a capacity of 35 to 4,000 GPM per rack.

The Smartrack™ system functions on an Out/In principal (filtration from the exterior towards the interior of the membrane) in order to treat directly settled or floated water.

Each rack is made up of 3 parts:
1 The facade (called the “Valve Rack”) where the valves, instrumentation and electrical connections are located
2 “Inter-piping” or the 3 networks that connect to the rack
3 The “Module Rack” where the ultrafiltration modules are mounted