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The tangible benefits that come to utilities and consumers from an investment in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) extend beyond automated meter reading. Consumer-engagement programs benefit customers directly by offering timely access to information about usage and cost, thus eliminating the surprises that cause so many high-bill complaints. Consumers with access to usage data take control of their bills, using current information to identify water waste and leaks before they become expensive and time-consuming problems.

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Aclara® solutions help water utilities use AMI data to engage customers. Our consumer engagement suite presents AMI data to customers in easy-to-understand ways, helping them understand how and when they use water and making it easy to conserve and save money.

The Aclara customer portal enables utilities to meet the specific needs of their customers, whether that means providing an account summary, water usage and cost information, or promotions and tips that will help them use water more wisely.

Present AMI Data

Viewing real consumption data creates an emotional connection with utility customers that can result in better decisions. Aclara presents both current and historical usage information which educates consumers on their water use over time.

The data can help customers identify periods of high and low usage with near real-time data. When correlated with temperature data, daily usage graphs provide a more complete picture of how weather impacts water use. When available, hourly usage helps customers understand how specific activities affect water costs in any given day. Monthly graphs show usage trends throughout the year.

Cost and consumption information for the current billing period helps customers to know what to expect in their bills and enables them to make important changes to consumption habits. Customers are notified of changing rate tiers via the web and receive the same alarm notifications the utilities see, such as constant consumption or abnormal usage, giving them the opportunity to react quickly through email, text, or interactive voice response (IVR).

Easy Access to Bills

Through an optional billing presentment detailed bill comparison and history charts allow consumers to analyze and understand their bills and how they are using water. Bill comparison helps consumers appreciate why their bills vary month-to-month and year-to-year. Bill history provides an even deeper insight by allowing customers to see specific line items on their bills and to export detailed historical information into spreadsheets for their own analyses.

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Consumers compare usage at peak, on a weekday, or on the weekend, and select to view data by week, month, or billing cycle.

Daily water usage displayed with daily temperature illustrates fluctuations in use related to weather.

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