Sensus Logic Meter Data Management

Source: Sensus

FlexNet Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Sensus Logic™ Provides Intelligence, Improved Customer Service and Flexibility

Sensus Logic was designed with utilities and their customers in mind to manage the vast amount of data being collected with smart water network solutions. With minute-by-minute, system-wide operational views, Logic software is the answer for any utility seeking to maximize the value of the data collected from various intelligent devices on their distribution system.

Imagine knowing about a leak in real-time. The analytic toolset in Logic enables utilities to turn this data into actionable knowledge. Logic seamlessly integrates with Sensus’ renowned FlexNet™ communications network and features integration with other utility business processes such as GIS and SCADA systems. Logic also offers a customer portal option providing up-to-date information to end users about their current usage patterns.