SDOX CS® Odor & Corrosion Solutions

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SDOX CS Odor & Corrosion Solutions

Combat odor and corrosion problems in your collection system with the SDOX CS. Designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, the SDOX CS offers a new alternative to chemical treatment in forcemain and gravity sewers.

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The SDOX CS® is designed to take a sidestream from the forcemain or gravity sewer, saturate it with oxygen, and re-inject the oxygenated wastewater back into the main flow.  By leveraging Henry’s law, we are able to cost-effectively provide odor and corrosion control in collection systems through elimination of anaerobic conditions that promote formation of H2S – addressing the problem rather than the symptom.  We provide fully-integrated skids that simplify both the design and construction process, and we have several options available for materials of construction and instrumentation & control.

The BlueInGreen SDOX CS® offers the following features and benefits:

  • Smaller footprint and lower sidestream flow requirements than competing technologies -  reduces project capital costs and total cost of ownership
  • No deliveries necessary – with on-site oxygen generation, the need to deliver chemicals throughout the collection system is eliminated
  • Cost-effective and beneficial – oxygen is less expensive than chemical treatment in almost all cases and rather than increasing sludge at downstream facilities can actually offset aeration costs
  • Fully integrated and skid mounted oxygen dissolution and injection system  – including pump/motor, VFD, control panel with PLC and HMI, optional ORP/DO feedback control loop, and associated piping and valves – provides single source responsibility
  • Sophisticated controls that allow the pump(s) to be turned down to save energy, yet ensures treatment objectives are accomplished
  • Factory tested for functionality and performance, ensuring minimal construction and start-up time

In addition to dissolution and injection systems, BlueInGreen can also provide on-site oxygen generation or oxygen storage tanks and vaporizers, as well as any other required ancillaries for a complete and functional solution.

To assist in evaluating the SDOX CS® for your application, we have assembled various pieces of information located in the respective tabs of this section.  Please contact a BlueInGreen representative today for project specific information, including budgetary proposals, sizing calculations, specifications, and drawings.

BlueInGreen’s SDOX CS technology has been applied in various collection systems for odor and corrosion control – both gravity and pressure systems. We encourage you to contact a BlueInGreen representative to discuss the details of your particular application. Our engineers are always ready to assist you with the details of your project.

  • Odor Control
    • Nuisance complaints, hazard concerns, move to sustainability
  • Corrosion Control
    • Large capital investments, billion $ rehab market
  • High Solids Aeration
    • Inefficiencies of conventional processes, niche markets


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