Brochure | January 1, 2014

Sauereisen Wastewater Brochure

Source: Sauereisen, Inc.

Sauereisen’s roots run deep in the field of protective linings and restorative materials. We bring decades of experience to preserving the assets of the wastewater industry. Our tradition of innovation, dating to 1899, continues today.

Our mission is to deliver quality products and services that add value to the stakeholders of municipal and industrial infrastructure. In doing so, we serve facility owners, engineers and contractors that rely on dependable solutions for aggressive environments. Ultimately, this benefits both taxpayers and the environment.

At Sauereisen, we are not constrained by a limited scope of technology. Our engineeredsystems approach to each project distinguishes us. This approach has proven successful in both the collections realm and the treatment arena. Basically, where there are aggressive conditions that threaten the longevity of concrete, brick or steel infrastructure, there is at least one Sauereisen system to offer protection…and security. Our solutions are not limited to any single chemistry or method of application. This is the type of credibility that lasts for generations.

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