Brochure | August 31, 2015

Sanitaire Gold Series Membrane Diffusers

Source: Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand

Sanitaire’s new Gold Series membrane diffusers have been designed to deliver superior energy efficiency. In fact, testing indicates that Gold Series diffusers can lower energy consumption by 20% over conventional fine bubble systems, and will yield even greater savings over other aeration technologies.

Gold Series membrane diffusers are specifically developed and stringently tested to ensure that your aeration system has the highest standard aeration efficiency (SAE) possible, giving more oxygen per energy unit.

The diffusers were subjected to tests in specially equipped laboratory tanks at extreme temperatures, differing time and pressure variations, and in both clean and wastewater environments.

The results speak for themselves
Testing on the Gold Series diffusers proves that the combination of both a higher SOTE and a lower headloss through the membrane results in a higher overall standard aeration efficiency, (SAE), measured in oxygen delivered per energy unit.

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