Datasheet | September 25, 2013

RIO Grande Spec Sheet

Source: MIOX Corporation

Designed for large capacity disinfection needs, the RIO Grande is the superior alternative to generating large volumes of disinfection chemistry at minimal cost. The RIO Grande™ on-site generator offers large capacity treatment of water, wastewater, and industrial treatment applications for flows of 50 MGD (200,000m³) and higher. Superior cell design offers better salt and power efficiencies, reduced maintenance, and maximum flexibility. The electrolytic cell, power supply, and system controls are fully enclosed in a metal frame and the unit operates with Allen Bradley MicroLogix controls. Switching from a sodium hypochlorite (HYPO) generator to a Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) on-site chemical generator is accomplished by simply changing out the cells - offering the user the ability to optimize water chemistry at a minimal cost.

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