Datasheet | September 13, 2013

Recordall® Turbo Series Meter Datasheet

Source: Badger Meter

Badger Meter’s Model 450 fire hydrant meter is designed for use in measuring potable cold water from a fire hydrant or other non-permanent installation where flow is in one direction.

Water flows into the meter’s measuring element where flow readings are obtained by rotor revolutions transmitted by magnetic drive coupling through the meter’s cover plate to the sealed register. Magnetic drive is achieved by a right angle worm drive, coupling the rotor to the vertical transmission spindle. A ceramic magnet on the spindle rotates around the vertical axis. Through the magnetic coupling, rotor rotation is transmitted to a follower magnet which transmits rotation to the register gearing.

The Model 450 fire hydrant meters meet or exceed registration accuracy for the low flow rate, normal operating flow rate, and maximum continuous operation flow rate as specifically stated in AWWA Standard C701.

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