Brochure | December 17, 2013

PetroSorb™ Activated Carbon Brochure

Source: Jacobi Carbons Inc.

As refinery operations are forced to generate more product output from marginal raw material sources with aging equipment, the requirement to maintain an acceptable quality of processing chemicals becomes more difficult. Activated carbon used in a fixed bed can continuously treat process chemicals, either in full or in a partial treatment stream to restore their properties in line with virgin product. This greatly enhances the economy of the production process and permits the conversion of more heavily contaminated resources that were previously difficult to exploit. The versatility of activated carbon permits its use in a variety of diverse processes. Not only can activated carbon provide an increasingly important role in cleaning contaminated water before emission to the environment, but it can provide an extremely important economic contribution to the operations of refineries and terminal operations. By assisting in the recovery of a range of expensive process chemicals, activated carbon can have a direct impact on the cost of refinery operations. PetroSorb 80 and 90 are cost-effective efficient activated carbons for a range of effluent treatment duties. PetroSorb HS type activated carbons provide high purity condensate recovery throughout the world PetroSorb 2000 is an industry accepted standard for amine (for example MEA and DEA used in gas sweetening) and glycol recovery.

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