Brochure | December 14, 2011

Brochure: Perforator® Screen

Source: Headworks International Inc.

The Headworks® Perforator® Screen design facilitates ease of installation and dependable operation even in the deepest channels. The perforated plate screen incorporates sieve elements that are mounted on chains on both sides of the self-contained frame. These sieve elements are similar in shape to escalator steps. This arrangement allows for screenings to form a mat. The elements allow screenings to be easily transported and discharged by gravity into a conveyor or compactor. Screenings not discharged by gravity move into a spray wash zone.

  • Dual Surge™ minimizes screen carry-over. Headworks® Dual Surge™ system (a dual wash water system), in most cases, eliminates the need for the maintenance-intensive, costly to replace, rotating brush assembly.
  • Lower energy consumption. Dual Surge™ typically eliminates the need for an additional energy-consuming drive for the brush.
  • Minimize carry-over. The perforated plate screen minimizes screen carry-over.
  • Multiplex™ Sealing seals without brushes. A multi-layer system made of stainless steel, HDPE, and rubber components eliminates the need to use brushes to seal the sieve elements to the frame. This guarantees the highest Screening Capture Ratio (SCR).

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