Datasheet | September 13, 2013

ORION® SE Network Gateway Transceiver Datasheet

Source: Badger Meter

The Badger Meter ORION SE network gateway transceiver receives, stores and sends water and gas metering data from surrounding ORION SE meter endpoints (or ORION ME endpoints with a migration license) to the utility’s central system computer. Using a two-way communication method, the metering data is reliably delivered to the utility’s central system computer via a cellular data network (GPRS) and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) backhaul or LAN. The network gateway transceiver also acts as the communications interface between the utility and the endpoints, as the transceiver sends commands or requests to the two-way water and gas smart endpoints.

The ORION SE network gateway transceiver communicates with ORION SE water and gas endpoints in the FCC regulated 902…928 MHz frequency band using frequency hopping to nullify interference. The network gateway transceiver has the capacity to store 60 days of hourly interval data from up to 10,000 endpoints. Additionally, firmware checks and upgrades are performed over the data backhaul network or locally via a programming harness.

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