OCTAVE® Ultrasonic Water Measurement System

Source: Master Meter, Inc.


Now available in sizes 2" to 12", the Octave Ultrasonic Meter offers highly advanced, all-digital technology and achieves precise measurement without any moving parts to ensure optimum revenue.

With a dynamic flow range starting as low as 1/16 GPM, this unique meter solution is a perfect replacement for any mechanical compound, fire service, or turbine meter. Commonly 20% of the utility installed meter base generates 80% of the utility’s revenue. The Octave focuses advanced metering science where the real revenue exists — within the C&I meter assets.

Powerful intel such as Flow Direction, Empty Pipe Alerts, Leak Alarms, Battery Level, and a Rate of Flow are standard.

Benefits & Features

  • Ultra Precise Leak Registration — As low as 1/16 GPM low flow sensitivity on meter sizes up to 4".
  • Construction Material Options - 316 Stainless Steel Body Construction OR Epoxy-Coated Ductile Iron.
  • Universal Communication Protocol (Encoder, Pulse or 4-20 mA) — Connects to any AMR/AMI system.
  • FM Approved  The perfect Fire Service meter - open design ensures maximum water delivery.
  • NSF Approved  Complies with all safe drinking water requirements.
  • Lifetime Accuracy / Lifetime Revenue  No moving parts means more revenue. longer.
  • Minimal Installation Requirements  No required strainer. Minimal piping considerations.
  • Minimal Head Loss - Decrease poor pressure complaints from customers and reduces pumping costs for the utility.

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