Datasheet | December 13, 2011

Datasheet: Model 4130 Chemical Dilution System

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

The JCS Model 4130 Chemical Dilution System is a robust device that has been designed to aid in applications where the feeding of dilute chemicals is required by regulations or desired for optimal feed situations. The Model 4130 dilutes the specific chemical using a calculated all vacuum batch process in which a desired concentration and volume are entered into the Model 4130 controller. The operator reviews the selected parameters and presses start. All dilution water and chemicals are controlled and precisely metered throughout the dilution process.

  • Free standing panel mounted
  • Adjustable Dilution settings
  • Chemical Compatibility: all common disinfection chemicals
  • Vacuum System offers safety with no pressurized chemical lines
  • Batch Method allows for tank turnover

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