Datasheet | December 13, 2011

Datasheet: Model 4120 Liquid Vacuum Switchover

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

The JCS Industries Model 4120 Liquid Vacuum Switchover is a robust device that has been designed to aid in applications where impurities or fouling materials might cause a feed-water or primary vacuum source injector to clog or become inefficient. In such a case, the Model 4120 automatically allows for a second, backup injector to take over the chemical feed process. The Model 4120 will, as soon as reduced flow is detected, instantly shut down the primary vacuum source or injector and switch flow to the secondary injector or vacuum source, thus allowing uninterrupted operation.

The digital display of the Model 4120 provides the necessary alarms to switch from one vacuum source to another and, alert operations personnel that a catastrophic failure has occurred. The JCS Model 4120 can also be set up to operate in conjunction with external vacuum generating devices such as the JCS Model 4140 Chemical Induction System.

  • Wide Rate Range: 3 to 2,000 GPD
  • Adjustable cycle settings
  • Chemical Compatibility: All common disinfection chemicals.
  • System flexibility: Same four Control Modes of the Model 4100 Controller.
  • Vacuum system: Offers safety with no leaks

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