Brochure | September 6, 2010

Brochure: Model 2100SC No-Maintenance Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies

The Reliant Model 2100SC Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitoring and Control System is the first no-maintenance DO analyzer/sensor system available for rugged wastewater treatment, mining, and other industrial applications. A full featured, high-quality analyzer controls a unique Laminar Galvanic! DO sensor and a rugged self-contained air sensor cleaning system. This combination of proven, reliable components are guaranteed to perform flawlessly for years without sensor maintenance.

For almost 4 decades galvanic dissolved oxygen measurement devices have been proven to be the most reliable, most accurate, and most rugged DO sensing technology available. Finally, Reliant Water Technologies has advanced this highly-proven technology to allow DO monitoring and control to be as reliable and maintenance-free as any industrial grade pump, valve or flow meter available.

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