Brochure | June 23, 2011

Mueller Systems Brochure: Mi.Data™

Source: Mueller Water Products

As water rates rise, educating consumers on the importance of water conservation and how water usage can influence monthly utility bills will play an increasingly significant role in providing good customer service. Mi.Data from Mueller Systems enables municipalities to strengthen relationships with consumers by providing a consolidated view of their water and electricity consumption online to help them better understand and manage usage behavior and enhance communication with their municipality.

Mi.Data is part of the Mi.Net Mueller Infrastructure Network for Utilities and leverages stored advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data to help:

  • Strengthen relationships with consumers
  • Improve customer service
  • Educate consumers on the importance of conservation
  • Address non-revenue water
  • Promote consumer understanding of rate increases
  • Reduce billing “surprises”
  • Enhance communication with consumers


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