Wallace & Tiernan® MFC Analyzers and Controllers for Accurate and Reliable Disinfection Measurements

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies


Wallace & Tiernan® MFC Analyzers and Controllers from Evoqua are integral to chlorination systems and uniquely provide for the selection of up to four distinct disinfection measurements and the simultaneous control of two measures to maintain the desired level of disinfection and water quality.

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Coupled with the DEPOLOX® 5 bare electrode chlorine measurement module, the system can measure an additional three parameters, and also works to reduce DBP formation by minimizing over and under feeds of disinfectant. The DEPOLOX 5 module design does not require reagent chemicals or costly membrane replacement caps allowing it to deliver lower life cycle costs compared with alternative measurement devices. The bare electrode technology reacts very quickly to a change in chlorine concentration. It achieves a T90 sensor response time in less than 30 seconds.

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