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02.18.14 -- Meter Reading Solution Weathers The Storm; Accurately Measure Low Flows

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Aclara Improves Billing, Customer Service For Water Utilities

Aclara Improves Billing, Customer Service For Water Utilities

Aclara’s STAR® Network is a two-way, advanced metering infrastructure system that delivers robust data communications to water utilities on secure, licensed radio frequencies. The network provides consistent, hourly interval data, accurate and timely billing, and tampering alarms in near real time. The two-way function allows for a synchronized, top-of-the-hour meter reading. The resulting time-stamped meter reads can be used in system reconciliation, allowing utilities to get a better handle on non-revenue water loss. Learn more.

Featured Articles On AMR, AMI, And Meters

Meter Reading Solution Weathers The Storm
By Aclara
Beginning in 2009, DEP installed Aclara’s STAR Network technology across New York City’s five boroughs, providing a wireless meter reading solution for the city. By March 2012, installation was 95% complete. When Hurricane Sandy struck in October 2012, the system was under pressure to perform effectively.

Accurately Measure Low Flows, Streamline Reading Process
By Badger Meter
With an aging infrastructure, ongoing growth that would require an increasing number of new meter installations, maintenance and other tasks, as well as eminent employee retirements, Skagit County Public Utility District No. 1 decided it was prudent to upgrade its system. An AutomaticMeter Reading (AMR) system from Badger Meter has proved to be a highly effective solution.

Southwest States Turn Interest To Water Conservation
By Master Meter, Inc.
As states begin to worry about the sustainability of current water systems, it's important to reconsider how innovative smart water technology can help regions better understand and manage their supplies.

AMI Network Improves Customer Service, Operational Efficiency
CMU was in the process of replacing more than 4,000 outdated water and electric meters when it determined that the project also presented an ideal opportunity to implement a systemwide advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network.

AMR, AMI, And Meters Product Focus

R450 System
With advanced AMI, Neptune’s R450 System — including the new E-Coder) R450i — makes your utility operations visual. R450 RF fixed network technology makes it easier than ever to collect and interpret the data you need.

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R450 System

3G Mobile AMR Solution
The 3G Mobile AMR solution provides most every benefit associated with fixed network — without the infrastructure — in a convenient cost-effective package.

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3G Mobile AMR Solution

Sensus iPERL Residential Water Meter
The Sensus iPERL Residential Water Meter provides technologically unprecedented low flow accuracy, allowing customers to capture both lost water and revenue. With no moving parts, the iPERL requires no additional maintenance and is resistant to wear, retaining its accuracy for the life of the unit.

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Sensus iPERL Residential Water Meter

Two-Way Communication MTU: Aclara STAR Network AMI Solution
The Aclara STAR Network 3300 Water MTU delivers two-way communication and a time-synchronized network to provide a utility with a snapshot of system water consumption at a single point in time.

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Two-Way Communication MTU: Aclara STAR Network AMI Solution

AMR, AMI, And Meters News

Future-Ready ST100 Flow Meter Is SIL Compliant
Highly Accurate Air/Gas Flow Meter For Wastewater Biogas Digester Systems
New Green Roof At Badger Meter Delivers Economic And Environmental Benefits
Smart Water Infrastructure Could Save Emerging Market Countries $12.3B Annually
Magnetrol Introduces Polaris Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Pinetop Water Improve Operations With Automated Meter Reading
Mueller Systems Enhances 2-Way AMI With Automated Leak Detection
Singer Valve Launches A Breakthrough In Flow Metering
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Featured Downloads on AMR, AMI, And Meters

E-Series Ultrasonic Meters Animation
See how the E-Series Ultrasonic meter uses ultrasonic technology and electronic, solid-state construction to improve reliability and accuracy (within ± 1.5 percent) by reducing mechanical wear that can shorten lifespan. With no moving parts, and an internal battery that powers the meter for up to 20 years, the E-Series Ultrasonic meter provides long-term, dependable service.

MegaNet High-Power AMI Datasheet
Mueller Systems extends its commitment to providing utilities with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve energy and water, and improve customer service, with the addition of MegaNet, a high-powered, long-range, fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The MegaNet system complements Mueller Systems’ other metering solutions, including the Mi.Net infrastructure network AMI system and HotRod automated meter reading solution.

Identifying And Estimating The Value Of SCADA And Smart Metering Systems In Water Distribution Networks
Considering the invaluable service provided to society by water companies, it is imperative to ensure their sustainability. To achieve this objective, these organizations must be allowed to fulfill their mission with effectiveness and efficiency. Information and communication technologies are especially important tools in this pursuit of enhanced performance.
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Master Meter Helps Consumers Master Water Use
Master Meter Helps Consumers Master Water Use
Ian MacLeod, VP of Marketing for Master Meter, discusses two partnerships that Master Meter has entered into that are changing the way consumers understand their water use.

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