Case Study | August 6, 2014

McCrometer's FPI-X Mag Flow Meter Solves Tough Application Challenge For The City Of Cedar Rapids

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
McCrometer’s FPI-X Mag Flow Meter City Of Cedar Rapids Case Study Image

After more than 24 months of analysis, the Water Division operations and maintenance team at the City of Cedar Rapids, IA, reports that McCrometer’s FPI-X™ Mag flow meters have greatly improved accuracy and nearly eliminated maintenance problems experienced with strapon ultrasonic flow meters at its booster stations. Water plant instrument technicians first installed the new FPI-X Mag meters in January 2012 and have now monitored them for nearly two years.

Brian Jess, an Instrument Technician from the City of Cedar Rapids Water Division, said, “We spent some time looking closely at various flow meters, and the FPI-X Mag track record is outstanding as compared to previous meters. The FPI-X Mag is reliable for operations staff, its maintenance is next to nil, it’s easy to take out if needed…overall, you could say I’m ecstatic with the product.”