Brochure | December 27, 2012

McCrometer CONNECT® Brochure

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

McCrometer CONNECT® offers wireless remote monitoring and control systems designed to cover your needs 24/7. With 60 years of experience, we’ve taken our commitment to a new level by bringing growers the next generation of Wireless Monitoring for Irrigation and Crop Management. We offer a large variety of turn-key solutions including: satellite, cell and radio communications to get critical data to your home or office via the Internet. Our systems provide farm managers and irrigators a total system solution from a single trusted irrigation industry specialist. Whether the need is to monitor flow, soil moisture, weather, water quality, ETo or other critical inputs, McCrometer CONNECT® is sure to have a system to meet your needs.

McCrometer understands and is committed to listening to your needs in order to offer the best solution for you and your budget. You need to reduce your costs and improve crop yield. You need to be able to get your data on the go. You need the right tools to do it quickly, and it needs to be convenient AND affordable. No matter how remote your field or what you need to monitor, McCrometer CONNECT® has the latest technology so you can receive data on your smart phone, tablet or PC in real-time, and make decisions quickly from wherever you are: in the field, on the road or in your office. 

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