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Water Online
  Utilities today must plan for high-visibility disruptions caused by aging infrastructure, manage service delivery requirements that push the limits of available capacity, balance conservation measures with increasing operating costs, and meet customer demands for improved service. Aclara’s two-way, fixed-network automated metering infrastructure (AMI), coupled with in-depth analyses of the data collected by these systems, can help utilities cost-effectively meet these challenges. Learn more.
From The Editor
10 Produced Water Treatment Technologies: Evaluating The Pros And Cons
  As the oil industry grows, so does the amount of produced water that must be treated. A variety of technologies are available for produced water treatment. Water Online shares a side-by-side comparison.
Most Popular Articles
Tackling The 5 Biggest Water Management Challenges
For years, water utilities have expressed concerns about the five biggest pain points in water management: leaks, nonrevenue water, theft, poor customer service, and water and energy conservation. They know that addressing these pain points will help conserve water for future generations while also saving their customers money, but it isn’t always easy.
Solving Industrial BOD
Real Ale Brewing Company (RABC) started as a small brewery working out of a commercial retail space. As RABC continued to be successful and grow, a mandate from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stated that the city must require the brewery to treat their wastewater in order to prevent it from overwhelming the city’s treatment system.
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Technologies For Large And Small Projects
There is a greater need to raise awareness for better sanitation, water reuse, and storm water solutions with better simple, low-cost, robust technology.
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Water Drones Hunt Down, Combat Toxic Algae
Trillion Dollar Future For Water?
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Oil Company Owes Billions For Contaminating Water Nationwide