ModMAG® M-Series® Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Source: Badger Meter


Whether it’s improving accuracy, decreasing system maintenance or meeting the demands of challenging liquid conditions, Badger Meter electromagnetic meters deliver the performance your critical flow measurement applications require. Our electromagnetic flow meters are designed to achieve ± 0.25 percent accuracy.  In addition, the non-intrusive, completely open flow tube design virtually eliminates pressure loss.  And with no moving parts to impede the flow stream, maintenance is kept to a minimum – even in less than ideal fluid conditions.

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Solutions

  • M2000 - For general purpose detection and field verification testing
  • M3000 - For hazardous Class 1, Division 2 environments
  • M4000 - For hazardous Class1, Division 1 environments
  • M5000  - For general purpose, battery operated detection and field verification
  • M-Series Field Verification Device - For field verification testing of the M2000 and M5000 mag meters


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