Brochure | April 9, 2012

Leopold® Clari-DAF® MP System Brochure

Source: Leopold -- A Xylem Brand

The Leopold® Clari-DAF® MP (Membrane Pretreatment) system is ideal as a clarification technology for potable water treatment systems using membrane filtration. It is an effective method of improving effluent water quality for optimum membrane filter performance, improving solids handling, and lowering your total cost of operation.

Any raw feedwater intended for membrane filtration should be pretreated to remove materials that can foul the membranes. Membrane fouling leads to decreased flux rates and increased cleaning frequency and duration of cleaning.

The Clari-DAF® MP system is particularly suited for pretreating membrane filter feedwater because it can remove low-density particles that are not removed by conventional gravity sedimentation clarification. Typically, the Clari-DAF® MP system can remove flocculated coloidal solids, color, precipitated metals, and pathogenic organisms.

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