Datasheet | April 11, 2011

Echologics LeakMonitor - Permanent Leak Detection Datasheet

Source: Mueller Water Products

Pipelines are a valuable asset and leakage or failure can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs. Up until recently, there have been no permanent monitoring solutions that can find very small leaks or monitor the strain of a pipe to detect problems before they become catastrophic.

Echologics, in partnership with Omnisens, has packaged a cost effective, accurate and highly sensitive alternative to traditional leak detection methods that can be installed on new pipeline installations to cost-efficiently monitor them on a continuous basis. When a new pipeline is constructed, a specialized fiber-optic cable is either laid under the pipe (for leak detection), or bonded directly to the pipe (for strain monitoring).

The LeakMonitor system is a fiber optic (FO) based system that works by detecting even the smallest changes in temperature that would indicate a fluid or gas leak. When a local change in temperature or strain occurs it affects the behavior of the light within the fibre, causing a scattering. The system can then pinpoint the leak or strain cause to within a meter of its location, and can be programmed to monitor the pipeline on an intermittent or continuous basis. If a pipeline has a leak or is subject to a high stress due to a movement in the soil, this will cause a local change in temperature or strain that can be pinpointed with a high degree of accuracy.

Echologics can engineer a pipeline leak or strain detection system for virtually any pipe installation that will monitor it permanently in real time. A basic system can monitor up to 18.6 ml (30 km) of pipe on a single fibre, and signal amplifiers can be added to extend this range to up to 155.3 ml (250 km).

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