News | February 19, 2014

Kruger Upgrades Franklin Township's Treatment Capabilities With IFAS

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Kruger Inc., a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, was awarded a contract by the Franklin Township Sewer Authority (FTSA) in Waynesburg,Pennsylvania to retrofit their existing wastewater treatment plant with the AnoxKaldnes Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process. The IFAS process utilizes polyethylene carrier elements (media) which are added to the plant’s aeration basins. This media provides a large surface area onto which beneficial microorganisms attach, forming a biofilm that supplements the activity of the suspended wastewater microorganisms. The result is the IFAS process provides an enhanced level of treatment in the same volume of tankage.

The existing FTSA facility was rated at 1.25 MGD and consisted of submerged rotating biological contactors (SRBC) for organic removal followed by aerobic activated sludge tanks for partial nitrification in the summer months only. The planned expansion will increase the plant’s treatment capacity to 2.0 MGD andwill be designed to meet the new year-round effluent ammonia nitrogen limits at the new design loads. The SRBC units will be demolished and the existing tankagewill be utilized for the IFAS to increase the nitrification capacity of the existing aerobic biological treatment system without needing to build new aerobic tankage.

In early 2011, a pilot project was conducted at the FTSA facility to demonstrate the capabilities of the AnoxKaldnes IFAS system. Based on the pilot’s successful results, together with the extensive experience and US installation base of AnoxKaldnes IFAS systems, FTSA, and their Consulting Engineer, selected Kruger as the basis of design for the facility upgrade. The upgraded facility is expected to be fully operational in the summer of 2015 and will provide FranklinTownship a significant improvement to their facility’s treatment capabilities and capacity, while also giving them the flexibility to meet new treatment demands well into the future.

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