News | May 5, 2014

Kruger Introduces The First Of Its Kind In The US ACTIFLO® CARB - Hydrotech Discfilter – Polymeric Membranes

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Kruger, part of Veolia Water Technologies, was awarded a contract from the Harpeth Valley Utilities District (HVUD) in Nashville, Tennessee. Kruger will furnish the HVUD Water Treatment Plant’s phased expansion project with a 1 x 23 MGD ACTIFLO® CARB system and a 2 x 23 MGD Hydrotech Discfilter for the first two stages of water treatment, sending highly filtrated effluent to the third stage of treatment, polymeric membrane microfiltration.

The ACTIFLO® CARB process combines the benefits of microsand ballasted clarification with the adsorption capacities of powdered activated carbon (PAC). With the addition of the PAC contact tank and PAC recirculation loop to the traditional ACTIFLO® process, the removal of natural organic matter, taste and odor compounds, endocrine disruptors and pesticides is greatly enhanced. The ACTIFLO® CARB will process the first stage of water treatment, sending its high quality effluent to the second stage handled by the Hydrotech Discfilter.

The Hydrotech Discfilter, with over 400 units in operation within the United States alone, utilizes many patented designs including the oscillating backwash spray head, providing efficient media cleaning of the woven cloth filter panels, while reducing water consumption by 20 percent. The Hydrotech Discfilter consistently produces effluent that exceeds stringent standards despite high solids loadings and upset conditions. Its compact design provides a high capacity technology with low energy consumption, thereby significantly lowering installation and operating costs.

The ACTIFLO® CARB and Hydrotech Discfilter systems are expected to be fully operational in the spring of 2015 and will be the first water treatment design involving these two processes in the United States. This combination will provide HVUD’s Water Treatment Plant advanced water treatment technologies that work in conjunction to significantly reduce the Total Organic Carbon (TOC), while also removing taste and odor contaminants currently found in their drinking water.

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Kruger Inc., supplies solutions and technologies for wastewater and drinking water treatment. Through years of extensive research and development, Kruger provides integrated solutions that optimize energy and operating costs. Kruger is part of Veolia Water Technologies.

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SOURCE: Veolia Water Technologies