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  The Leopold® FilterWorx™ system is engineered to improve efficiency and reliability. Ideally suited for applications such as potable drinking water treatment, tertiary wastewater treatment, nutrient removal in water or wastewater, pretreatment prior to low-pressure membrane systems, and RO membrane desalination pretreatment, FilterWorx performance filters feature a flat-bottom flume, fiberglass backwash water troughs, engineered media, three types of underdrains, and media retainers in two different sizes.

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From The Editor
Is Design-Build The Future For The Water Sector?
  Design, bid, build. For years, those three steps have been the standard way to get a water or wastewater project accomplished. But an alternative project delivery method is gaining ground.
Most Popular Articles
Wipe Out Wipes: "Flushables" Turning Sewers Into Nightmares Nationwide
Increasingly, wipes are causing serious issues for wastewater treatment system operators. Many of the wipes entering the sewage system are not dispersible and technically not flushable.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Foils Energy Heist
The Durango wastewater treatment facility is a traditional waste-activated system. The biosolids (WAS) is collected from secondary clarifiers, treated with flocculants, and thickened before an anaerobic digestion. A centrifuge had been used for the thickening process, which dewatered the WAS to an 8 percent to 10 percent consistency. The plant had three 50-horsepower units and used either one or two of the units as needed.
Solving A Taste And Odor Problem Step By Step
The City of Alliance, OH's water system has experienced annual taste and odor (T&O) events since the mid-1950s, when the first of two reservoirs, Deer Creek Reservoir, was placed into service. Nutrient contaminants in the watershed, in particular phosphorous, accumulated in the reservoirs, causing algal blooms.
Most Popular News
Brain-Eating Amoeba Aftermath: Should Utilities Be Held To Higher Standards?
The World's Most Water-Stressed Cities
Should EPA Regulate Algae Toxins?
Fuel Leak Causes Largest Toxic Contamination Of An Aquifer In U.S. History
Should Utilities Pay Customers To Conserve?