Guest Column | May 23, 2014

Integrated Smart Device Technologies: The Road To Smart City Infrastructure

 How To Future-Proof Your Business

By Jeff M. Miller, Water Solutions Architect, Schneider-Electric 

Continuing pressure to do more with less has spawned a technology integration revolution, pushing more intelligence into previously “dumb” devices. Today’s smart devices are intelligent, multi-functional, provide open connectivity, and allow for easy development of new applications. This technology revolution has made us rethink how we provide, operate, maintain, and recycle our assets and resources in the water industry.

Although smart city technologies are increasingly being used to improve bottom line performance and increase operational effectiveness, their implementation has been impeded by the complexity of system integration and the ability to leverage existing assets.  Luckily, more and more intelligence is being integrated into common personal and plant floor devices every day; removing many of the barriers of smart technology implementation and ensuring a return on investment.