Brochure | March 12, 2013

iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System Brochure

Source: Degremont Technologies

The iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System is a patented, activated sludge suspended growth  system. Degremont selected this biological process after careful consideration of the available options. While fixed-film systems may be effective initially for treating FGD wastewater, they often fail over time due to filter bed blockage or cementation. Degremont has chosen an activated sludge suspended growth system design because it can handle contaminants’ fluctuations from the FGD physical/chemical wastewater treatment system without process upsets.

FGD wet scrubbers produce wastewater that must be treated before it is discharged to the environment. The scrubber blowdown wastewater is first sent to a physical/chemical treatment system. If further polishing of the water is required, it can then be sent to a biological treatment system.

Degremont’s iBIO® biological wastewater treatment system consists of a series of reaction vessels which are designed with the optimum mixing energy, retention time, and nutrient addition, to provide an optimum environment for biological activity resulting in removal of nitrates, heavy metals, ammonia, and biochemically oxidizable organics measured as the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).

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