Horizontal Non-Clog Wastewater Pumps: NSW Model 100 & 150

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand


Single stage – enclosed non-clog type impeller for pumping wastewater and other non-corrosive liquids with soft solids.

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Single stage – enclosed non-clog type impeller for pumping wastewater and other non-corrosive liquids with soft solids.

NSW pumps are designed to handle wastewater and other non-corrosive liquids with soft solids in suspension. Typical applications are municipal water and wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment and food processing.

With thousands of NS dry pit pumps in operation worldwide and as the industry leader in service and support with the over 120 years of expertise, we’ve got the flexibility to design to your needs. If it can be done, we will do it.

NSW Model 100 & 150 designs offer outstanding advantages:
Standardized design — Maximum interchangeability of parts helps reduce spare parts inventory. All parts  except the casing suction cover and impeller are completely interchangeable within a given frame group. Eighteen pump sizes are built on only five power frames.

Tapered shaft — The impeller end of the shaft and the impeller bore are designed with a taper for reliability and ease of maintenance. 

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