Brochure | October 31, 2013

Grundfos KPL Range Of Axial And Mixed Flow Pumps Brochure

Source: Grundfos

KPL axial-flow propeller pumps are built with a range of innovative features that offer cost and efficiency benefits when moving large volumes of water.

  • Reduced footprint of building and civil construction cost by up to 20%
    • Following ANSI/Hydraulic Institute recommendations, the KPL range allows for reduced pump size and therefore reduced building size and cost
  • Sealed cable entry
    • Patented cable entry with special sealing system to prevent water entering motor compartment
  • Backswept self-cleaning stainless steel propellers in one piece
    • High-precision one-piece propeller resolves the potential malfunctions from blade adjustment, and the smooth design means rags and solids slide off the propeller, resulting in less clogging
  • Balanced lifting handle with built-in cable
    • Lifting handle ensures perfect balance when lifting the pump without the risk of damage during installation and has a built-in cable support to prevent damage of the cable during operation.
  • Cable compartment inspection hole
    • Quick and easy inspection of the pump cable compartment, without disassembling a big part of the pump. This feature avoids handling of big, rigid cables and the risk of leakages when accessing the terminal boards.
  • Turbulence Optimizer™ 
    • This innovative solution is an expandable rubber ring mounted on the perimeter of the pump volute that expands and adapts to the pipe as water flow and pressure increases, reducing turbulence and the efficiency losses that this causes.
  • Cartridge seal
    • The double mechanical cartridge shaft seal has a long life and is easily replaced during maintenance

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