Datasheet | September 13, 2013

GALAXY® Gateway Receiver 3.0 Datasheet

Source: Badger Meter

The GALAXY® Gateway Receiver receives and forwards water meter consumption and exception data from surrounding GALAXY meter endpoints. The data is available to the central system computer via a cellular, LAN or Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) backhaul.

The GALAXY antenna features an “active diversity” design that optimizes radio signal reception. The antenna assembly consists of two electrically separate antennas. The antennas constantly scan for endpoint signals and automatically lock on with the
optimal antenna.

The GALAXY Gateway Receiver collects meter account data from the antennas in analog form for up to 8,000 endpoints. Transmissions are converted into a digital data stream, verified for authenticity and completeness, and then sent via the network backhaul to the utility central office computer or hosted server. Mounting of the receiver on the antenna minimizes analog signal interference or loss. Surge protection circuitry is built in.

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