Brochure | May 6, 2013

'Smart' Pump Station Controller Provides Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

Let’s introduce SmartRun™, a pump-station controller solution for simplex and duplex wastewater pump stations. An integral part of the Flygt Experior™ range of product offerings, this pump-control unit lets your pump take care of itself, freeing debris and unclogging blockages when needed, setting the optimal speed for energy efficiency and cost savings, as well as communicating with external monitoring equipment for peace of mind.

SmartRun takes care of pump cleaning, pipe cleaning, sump cleaning, soft starts and stops; getting you to a new level of reliability and efficiency in a simple and easy-to-install solution. The integrated intelligence and variable speed control mean it’s the perfect match for Flygt N-pumps; a combination that potentially realizes energy savings of 50%.

Downtime costs money. With SmartRun installed, abnormal blockage triggers a cleaning cycle optimized for the N impeller, rotating it back and forth to release the debris. SmartRun’s high starting torque, equivalent to direct online, ensures a reliable start in tough wastewater conditions.

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