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Not only did we invent the submersible agitator at Flygt, but we also launched the world’s first heavy-duty submersible pump. Submersible pumps and agitators offer some very interesting benefits.

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Submersibles eliminate downtime
One of the reasons for the success of our submersibles, whether agitators or pumps, is that they are so accessible: a Flygt submersible can be raised in a matter of minutes, without having to empty the tank.

Because these compact machines are so easy to  winch up and reinstall, a standby unit can replace a agitator or pump that needs servicing, thereby eliminating downtime entirely.

Submersibles take less space
Operating submerged, submersible agitators and pumps take virtually no space. And submersibles do not need the extra head space that long-shaft units require when they are winched up.

No alignment problems
With a submersible, expensive alignment equipment and time-consuming realignment procedures can be avoided altogether. The absence of a long shaft also makes for a more robust and more reliable machine.

Retrofit and upgrade
Flygt submersibles offer a high degree of installation flexibility and can replace nonsubmersible units in most applications. Submersible agitators can easily be installed in tanks which have previously had no agitators.

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