Newsletter | February 26, 2014

02.26.14 -- February's Most Popular Articles & News

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  Vaughan's Triton Screw Centrifugal Pumps

The Triton Screw Centrifugal Pump has an open-channel impeller that is ideal for handling thick sludges, large or stringy solids, shear-sensitive fluids, and delicate or highly abrasive materials. Unique features include steep performance curves, nonoverloading power characteristics, heavy-duty power frames, patented Back Cutter system, flushless mechanical seal design to eliminate water flush requirements, or an optional standard power frame with water-flushed mechanical seal or packing.

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From The Editor
A Shocking Approach To Wastewater Treatment
  A growing number of wastewater treatment professionals are turning to electrocoagulation — a water treatment process that uses electric current to remove various contaminants from water.
Most Popular Articles
Wastewater Treatment's Newest Enemy: Nonwovens Are Weaving A Tangled Web
Looming in the world's sewer system are contaminants of emerging concern. These contaminants are growing steadily, day by day, to pose a catastrophic threat.
Tips On Controlling Dissolved Oxygen
Breakdown of organic wastes entering a wastewater treatment plant is accomplished by using a biomass or blend of beneficial microscopic organisms, bacteria, and solids. This converts the nonsettleable solids (dissolved and colloidal matter) into settleable solids, carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
How To Measure pH Accurately
Like the old saying goes, give a man a watch and he always knows what time it is. Give him two watches and he never knows the correct time. What do watches have to do with pH? In this article, we will tie the analogy of accurate time to pH measurement and show how to make more accurate, dependable, and believable pH measurements by using three pH sensors.
Most Popular News
Bill Aims To Abolish EPA Authority
The Power Of Cheese Wastewater
West Virginia Chemical Spill Worse Than Previously Thought
EPA's 5-Year Plan Gets Mixed Reactions From Water Industry
Did The Feds Trick States Into Regulating Tap Water?