ETS-UV for Food & Beverage Process Water

Source: Neptune Benson / ETS-UV


Waterborne microorganisms are responsible for adverse effects on the flavor, color, odor, and shelf life of soft drinks, bottled water and food products. It is therefore the fundamental objective of food and beverage manufacturers to eliminate spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms from process water, product water, and sugar solutions to overcome this problem.

A wide range of UV disinfection units have been specially designed and developed by ETS, allowing manufacturers to gain complete control over these potential contaminants Such control vastly reduces the risk of costly production down time, product recall, damage to brand equity, or even fatality.

Specially designed and developed for food and beverage production, ETS UV treatment eliminates all types of waterborne micro-organisms including bacteria, molds, yeasts and algae. With a number of "emerging" pathogens now displaying increased tolerance to chlorine disinfection, Listeria Monocytogenes for example, UV is now used for disinfection in preference to conventional chemical methods. A very common application for UV is post carbon filter disinfection, as carbon filters are known as a breeding ground for undesirable microorganisms. Several food and beverage processors are even eliminating carbon filtration entirely by using UV to remove chlorine all together.

Our leading UV technology is used in a number of key areas to vastly reduce the risk of product rejection and increase shelf life. Additionally full traceability is provided by ETS UV state-of-the-art Spectra controllers.