Brochure | February 22, 2013

Enaqua Non-Contact Wastewater Disinfection Flyer

Source: Grundfos

ENLIGHT™ AFP™ Non-Contact Disinfection systems by ENAQUA are diametrically opposed in design to every other municipal UV disinfection system on the market. Unlike traditional systems which have UV lamps submerged in a channel, surrounded by fragile and fouling-prone quartz sleeves, ENLIGHT™ AFP™ Non-Contact systems flow water through the inside of Activated Fluoropolymer™ tubes, with the lamps on the outside so that they are always dry. In traditional quartz UV systems, the UV lamps are submerged in a channel full of water, which can lead to mercury leaks if the lamps break inside the channel. ENLIGHT™ AFP™ Non-Contact systems feature banks of “dry” UV lamps surrounding water conveying tubes, such that each tube gets exposed to ultraviolet light from all sides, making the system much more germacidically efficient. It also eliminates the need to interrupt or remove any hydraulic seals during any lamp maintenance as is the case in quartz systems. In fact, the AFP™ tubes need never be replaced or removed from the system, reducing maintenance times and costs.

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