News | September 6, 2012

Desalination Plant Produces First Samples Of Drinking Water

The production of drinking water has recently commenced at the Victorian Desalination Plant near Wonthaggi.

As part of the commissioning process, Thiess Degrémont achieved this significant milestone this week when desalinated water was remineralised to meet the high quality specifications of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the contract requirements.

“Drinking water produced at the Victorian Desalination Plant must meet strict quality guidelines when it leaves the plant. The water we are already producing confirms that our water is of a very high quality and is meeting the required specifications,” explained the commissioning director for Thiess Degrémont, Omar Shahin.

As part of this milestone the plant is undergoing a “performance test” which requires drinking water to be produced for a number of consecutive days. During this time the water produced is returned to sea, as per the discharge water quality standards specified under the Section 30A Commissioning Approval.

At the completion of the performance test, a further seven day “reliability test” will be undertaken and water will gradually enter the pipeline for delivery to Cardinia Reservoir.

The quantity of production will progressively increase during commissioning over the next few months with the plant being capable of full production by the end of the year.

Available for interview:

  • Omar Shahin – Commissioning Director, Thiess Degrémont
  • Mike Jury – Plant Director, Degrémont Thiess Services

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SOURCE: AquaSure