Catalog | January 6, 2014

Condensed Water Catalog

Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

When it comes to utility management, success is measurable. Quantitative. Backed by actual numbers. Neptune Technology Group understands that, more than anything else, you want to know – What can you do for my utility?

Neptune knows what works for utilities. Often, we’ve invented it, from our first Trident® meter in 1892 to the original Automatic Reading and Billing System, ARB®, in 1964. The innovation never stops at Neptune. From the E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder register to the R900® System and the R450 System, Neptune develops the tools that bring results.

For over a century, Neptune has provided water utilities with innovative, field-proven meter reading and metering technologies to better serve their communities. Over this time, Neptune has amassed a number of industry firsts including; first compound meter, first fire service meter, first absolute encoder register, first handheld data capture system, first commercial fixed network system, the first meter manufacturer to switch 100 percent of its bronze-body water meter production to a lead free alloy, and first solid state absolute intelligent encoder featuring advanced leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection functionality – all capabilities beyond the basic meter reading.

Efforts like these have shaped the industry. Our vision to automate the revenue cycle for utilities – to accurately measure and collect consumption data to generate a bill without the need for a site visit – has become the industry standard.

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