Video | September 8, 2008

Video: Compact Cabinet Cooler

Source: Noren Products, Inc.

Noren Products the premier cabinet cooling experts for both air to air and air to water cabinet coolers in nema 12, nema 4, nema 4x stainless applications.


  • Noren Air-to-Air Heat exchangers remove waste heat from electronics down to slightly above outside ambient air temperature maintaining NEMA 12 integrity or better. With added protection, units may be made splash proof and corrosion proof, either NEMA 4 or 4X (Stainless Steel.)
  • Air is circulated inside the cabinet to keep hot spots from forming
  • Easy to install units on top, door, sides or back of cabinet. One person can install in less than one hour.
  • Low power draw. 32 watts per fan - no new electrical is required.
  • Does not cause condensation like a/c.


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