Case Study | September 16, 2013

Odor Control For The City Of Houston

Source: BlueInGreen

In December of 2012, BlueInGreen successfully completed an odor control demonstration project for the City of Houston (COH). As part of this effort, we effectively injected oxygen - via a supersaturated side-stream process (SDOX-CS®) - into the COH collection system to prevent and eliminate the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). We accomplished this in both an 18-in pressurized, full flow pipeline as well as a partially-full 30-in gravity sewer line. Based on the qualitative and quantitative results, we proved that our SDOX-CS® solution can be appropriately sized and successfully deployed at a variety of either temporary or permanent locations throughout the City of Houston for the effective control of collection system odors.

Similar to our other experiences, such as the City of Rogers, AR, our demonstration in Houston confirmed that maintaining aerobic conditions within the liquid phase does effectively prevent the formation of odorous H2S gas. Furthermore, through piloting, we were able to confirm key design assumptions such as oxygen uptake rate (OUR) and ultimately dial-in the operating parameters to meet a given downstream target – effectively optimizing the operating costs associated with a known level of treatment.

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