Newsletter | July 16, 2014

07.16.14 -- Chopper Pump Fights Flushables; Specialized UV Disinfection; Low-Energy Media Filtration

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Wastewater Product Showcase
Brewery Wastewater Treatment Systems Brewery Wastewater Treatment Systems
ClearBlu Systems offer the complete package needed to effectively clean brewery wastewater for both small and large craft brewers. Systems are broken into five main components — screening, settling, pH balancing, biodigestion, and lift stations — which can be installed individually to spread capital costs over a period of time.
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ClearBlu Environmental
KLa Systems Slot Injector Aeration System KLa Systems Slot Injector Aeration System
The Slot Injector System is a superior jet aeration system that is specifically applied to industrial biological treatment processes where fine screening is a standard pretreatment operation in both conventional and advanced air-activated sludge applications.
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KLa Systems
TrojanUVSigna: Wastewater Disinfection System TrojanUVSigna: Wastewater Disinfection System
No longer should large wastewater facilities feel limited to chlorine disinfection. Now — with the TrojanUVSigna — those facilities can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages, and disinfection performance.
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METEOR IFAS/MBBR technology is based on proprietary polyethylene biofilm carriers, which, when added to a treatment basin, provide a large internal surface area for the growth of microorganisms.
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Degremont Technologies
Sewper Rx Sludge Reduction System Sewper Rx Sludge Reduction System
Advantages that can be expected with Sewper Rx are a reduction (possible elimination) of odors, improved lift station and sewer flow due to a breakdown of FOG, better control of MLSS, increased capacity in clarifiers, thickeners and digesters, reduced sludge hauling costs and tipping fees.
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RELIANT Water Technologies
Aerzen Turbo Blower Aerzen Turbo Blower
Aerzen AT Turbo blowers are single stage high-speed turbo blowers designed for the lowest energy usage over a wide range of varying air flows and pressures. With rotating speeds of up to 60,000 RPM and drive power to 400HP, these industrial machines perform reliably in wastewater aeration systems applications.
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ABS Turbocompressor HST 20 ABS Turbocompressor HST 20
The modern and silent HST turbocompressor features an advanced design with proven magnetic bearing technology and a high-speed motor driven through a built-in frequency converter. ABS turbocompressors are widely used in wastewater treatment plants and other low-pressure industrial processes.
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Sulzer Pumps / ABS USA
MTS Aspirator Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerator MTS Aspirator Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerator
The MTS Aspirator features efficient oxygen transfer, low installation costs, excellent mixing, and minimal noise levels for installation in new or existing basins.
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Mass Transfer Systems
YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT
Powerful yet simple, the YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT is a modular water quality system for complete process control designed for wastewater.
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YSI, a Xylem brand
AMTAX sc Ammonium Analyzer AMTAX sc Ammonium Analyzer
The Hach AMTAX sc Ammonium Analyzer measures NH4-N concentrations as low as 0.02 mg/L and as high as 1000 mg/L. With a fast five-minute response time, it enhances control of the nutrient removal process.
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Hach Company
ACTIFLO is a compact process that operates with microsand (Actisand) as a seed for floc formation. Actisand provides surface area that enhances flocculation and also acts as a ballast or weight to aid a rapid settlement.
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Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
ETS-UV For Wastewater Treatment ETS-UV For Wastewater Treatment
All typical wastewater organisms are rendered nonviable by a correct dose of UV light. ETS maintains comprehensive databases of organisms and the amount of UV required to achieve 1, 2, 3 or higher log removals to meet and exceed a discharge permit.
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Engineered Treatment Systems / ETS-UV
PISTA WORKS Complete Headworks System PISTA WORKS Complete Headworks System
The PISTA WORKS is a complete system design that allows for significant flow variations (patented V-Force Baffle), has a compact footprint, and provides a speedy and efficient installation.
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Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Aqua MegaDisk Cloth Media Filtration System Aqua MegaDisk Cloth Media Filtration System
The Aqua MegaDisk filter achieves low level TSS and NTU and accommodates high solids and hydraulic loading rates. Since the filter has no moving parts, except during backwash mode, it uses low energy consumption.
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Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
ZS Oil-Free Positive Displacement Screw Blowers, 7 To 160 kW, 10 To 215 hp ZS Oil-Free Positive Displacement Screw Blowers, 7 To 160 kW, 10 To 215 hp
Atlas Copco’s ZS blowers provide a continuous and reliable supply of 100% oil-free air. Integrating the proven benefits of screw technology, the ZS range will cut energy costs by an average of 30 percent when compared to lobe technology.
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Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique
Bryneer Brine System Bryneer Brine System
The Bryneer bulk salt storage and brinemaker is the first brining system that is completely designed and manufactured by a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fabricator.
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Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
The Lift Station Solution The Lift Station Solution
With the increasing number of flushable consumer products creating serious clogging problems, the Vaughan Chopper Pump has become the economical solution by increasing reliability and decreasing downtime.
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Vaughan Company
Explorer Series Disc Diffusers Explorer Series Disc Diffusers
Mainsail Global's Explorer Series Disc Diffusers are custom-designed with state-of-the-art, proprietary membrane materials and cutting-edge MicroShield Technology, engineered for superior aeration and durability no matter the wastewater market.
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Mainsail Global
Security Solutions For Water And Wastewater Operations Security Solutions For Water And Wastewater Operations
A secure facility ensures a secure community. Security solutions from Schneider Electric can help your plant comply with regulations, manage budget constraints, and eliminate the risk of contamination.  
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Schneider Electric